My room, my thoughts, my learnings in life

Beautiful black

Jet black, shiny hair,
Golden green eyes,
Black slits, that grow large and circular as darkness dawns, for pupils.

He is an on-demand cuddler
Who comes close to my face in the dead of night
And stares until I acknowledge him.

Jumps onto the bed
Hands out love bites and scratches generously
He is my first feline friend, Klack.


Short verses, Ma


When my time comes, I will go cheerfully

Hopefully, in one elegant, fell swoop.

Please let me not linger on,

And excruciatingly droop, droop, droop.

Tell me what I need to hear

Pity me my old age,

Pity me my pain.

Empathize with me and my suffering,

And help me my composure regain.

Who’s old?

Hubby, when you were out,

A very old man, through your closet rifled.

The only old man here is me, my dear,

Said her husband, as he his laughter stifled.

Deaf, blind

I need to help you many times daily,

I cannot reduce your pain.

So, I bite my lips to get through my days,

Again and again and again.

Medical interference

Doctor, heal her, lessen her pain,

Cure her with your potions and your magic pills.

Stop messing vainly with her body and life,

She has endured numerous ills.

Winter Crash (Haiku)

Sturdy, young, lost bat

Flies, crashes in the tunnel

Searching for mom’s light

Now we are two countries? The ‘good’ Bharat and the ‘immoral’ India?
Hilarious, insightful ripping of the latest blunder by our netajis/politicians.

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey

The RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat (or to call him out in the way he is referred to in the Sangh – Sarsanghchalak Param Pujya Shri Mohan-ji Bhagwat-ji) has now joined the pavilion of eminent Bharatiya moustachioed misogynists. In a breathtakingly revealing statement, he has told us that rapes happen in India, not in Bharat. What he means is that rape only occurs in urban areas where the influence of Paschatya Sanskriti (western culture) leads women astray into being raped by men unable to help or control themselves in the face of the assault of women, out and about, by day and night, defying Mohan Bhageat’s Sangh-mandated Lakshman Rekha.

When an upper-caste landlord in a village claims his ‘droit de seigneur’ (land-owner’s claim) with a Dalit woman, it is not rape, it is a yagya, a time honoured shastric ritual. When husbands persuade minor wives on their ‘suhaag raat’ with a…

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This is a marathon – the battle against misogyny

Happy Festivities and Holidays to everyone celebrating.

Being in India, when a mass movement against rape has finally started, this is the silver lining I see.

People of both genders, are coming together, discussing things openly, agitating, getting out of the victim-blaming mentality more than ever before. No, we have not won yet. Victory is a long way off. What is needed is a sea-change of attitude – this takes decades and, perhaps, generations.

But, what we have here are the seeds of revolution. Against misogyny, against the insensitivity of those in power to make a difference, against those who tell some how to stay safe while they forget to tell others how to keep it in their pants. I hope to see this sprouting into a revolution where, ultimately, girl-children are welcomed into the family as joyously as boys, where girls are brought up with the same love, affection, care and resources as boys, rather than as second-class citizens.

We are a very long way off. So, as my wise, wonderful friends told me – “Stay angry, stay worried”.

But, please do celebrate the blessings of life too. We have the power to fight the good fight to make a difference to millions who will come after us. We have awakened. We can awaken some others. We can make a positive difference. Each one of us.

Love and blessings.

Jaipur Literary Festival called. Am I glad I went?

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