This is a marathon – the battle against misogyny

Happy Festivities and Holidays to everyone celebrating.

Being in India, when a mass movement against rape has finally started, this is the silver lining I see.

People of both genders, are coming together, discussing things openly, agitating, getting out of the victim-blaming mentality more than ever before. No, we have not won yet. Victory is a long way off. What is needed is a sea-change of attitude – this takes decades and, perhaps, generations.

But, what we have here are the seeds of revolution. Against misogyny, against the insensitivity of those in power to make a difference, against those who tell some how to stay safe while they forget to tell others how to keep it in their pants. I hope to see this sprouting into a revolution where, ultimately, girl-children are welcomed into the family as joyously as boys, where girls are brought up with the same love, affection, care and resources as boys, rather than as second-class citizens.

We are a very long way off. So, as my wise, wonderful friends told me – “Stay angry, stay worried”.

But, please do celebrate the blessings of life too. We have the power to fight the good fight to make a difference to millions who will come after us. We have awakened. We can awaken some others. We can make a positive difference. Each one of us.

Love and blessings.