Short verses, Ma


When my time comes, I will go cheerfully

Hopefully, in one elegant, fell swoop.

Please let me not linger on,

And excruciatingly droop, droop, droop.

Tell me what I need to hear

Pity me my old age,

Pity me my pain.

Empathize with me and my suffering,

And help me my composure regain.

Who’s old?

Hubby, when you were out,

A very old man, through your closet rifled.

The only old man here is me, my dear,

Said her husband, as he his laughter stifled.

Deaf, blind

I need to help you many times daily,

I cannot reduce your pain.

So, I bite my lips to get through my days,

Again and again and again.

Medical interference

Doctor, heal her, lessen her pain,

Cure her with your potions and your magic pills.

Stop messing vainly with her body and life,

She has endured numerous ills.

Winter Crash (Haiku)

Sturdy, young, lost bat

Flies, crashes in the tunnel

Searching for mom’s light